鶲鶯 warbler ID?

鶲鶯 warbler ID?

Is it Alstrom's warbler 淡色尾鶲鶯 or Plain-tailed warbler 純色尾鶲鶯?

3 Nov 2015 Poi Toi


Great find


The Seicercus seems to be a Plain-tailed based on the features that follow:

1) no wing-bar(s)

2) little/no white seen on outer tail

3) grey limited to upper crown

4) yellow/yellowish on forehead

5) short lateral crown shripes


S L Tai


Alstrom's and Plain-tailed Warbler are the same species, just a different name.

I agree it looks like Alstrom's/Plain-tailed Warbler Seicercus soror to me for the reasons given by Mr Tai.
If accepted as this, it would be the sixth HK record and the latest date in the year.

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Dear all and hi Peter.

I am KK, the one with you yesterday. I try to identify what species is this bird this morning and think that this may not be Alstrom's Warbler because one of my unclear photo shows that the outer tail are white.

As the eye-wing is complete, so the choices left are Bianchi's Warbler or Martens's Warbler. As there is no visible wing-bar. I would like to vote for Martens's Warbler. I am really very fresh and just learning how to identify the birds, so would like to hear more from all of you, the more experience guys.



I think this cannot be Martens's Warbler, the head pattern does not go far enough down the forehead.

I agree it could be Bianchis' but Alstrom's looks much better to me.
White outer under-tail feathers do happen in Alstrom's and I think that is what your photo shows.

So I think this is most likely Alstrom's but I would like to hear from others.


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Thanks very much Geoff for your clear clarification. I would be much happy if it is an Alstrom's Warbler. Congratulation Peter for your great found.


Thank you all of you