[Others 其他] Photos of shorebirds requested

Photos of shorebirds requested

I am interested in looking at the ID criteria for some of the wader subspecies in HK. I would be particularly interested in photos of the following species/plumages:

Black-tailed Godwit: Photos showing uppertail pattern, juveniles in autumn
Lesser Sand Plover: Any photos of overwintering birds or birds in autumn, any photos of birds showing characteristics of atrifrons, photos showing underwing pattern
Greater Sand Plover: Any photos of overwintering birds (not birds in spring or autumn)
Dunlin: Birds in breeding plumage
Red Knot: Birds in breeding plumage

If any photographers have any photos of these, I would be interested to see them. Please send to: johnallcock @
I realise that some photographers may be reluctant to share photos on the internet which they consider to be 'record shots'. I would potentially be interested in seeing these photos, even if you would not normally post them to this forum or elsewhere (this is particularly true for wintering sandplovers, which are often very distant).
Thank you in advance for any photos.

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