申請邊境禁區許可證更新事項 FCA permit application updates

申請邊境禁區許可證更新事項 FCA permit application updates




另外, 申請有關邊境禁區通行證的費用為港幣100元(2014年11月1日起後費用為港幣130元)。如申請者欲更新有關通行證(有效期為2015年3月5日至2016年3月4日),請於2014年12月31日前於網上提交申請,以備有充足時間辦理手續。



Dear forum users,

Launch of online FCA application system and adjustment of fee

WWF-Hong Kong launched an online system to facilitate applications for Frontier Closed Area (FCA) permits. FCA permit is the legal requirement to access the floating boardwalk and hides at the Mai Po Nature Reserve. The new system is being introduced to enhance the overall application process, and by eliminating the need to mail all documents to our offices, save paper and time.

The new system requires the applicant to provide their personal information, attach scanned copies of the required documents and provide payment. After submission, e-mails will be sent to each applicant for confirmation and status update purposes, and a "notice to collect the permit" when the permit is ready. Please refer to this link for online application:

The fee for FCA permit application is HK$100 per each now and will be adjusted to HK$130 from 1st November 2014.  Also, for upcoming permit renewals (i.e. for the period 05 March 2015 - 04 March 2016), please submit the application via the online platform by the end of 31st December 2014 to allow enough time for processing.

Thanks for your support and should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the Mai Po Office (Email ).

Mai Po Office

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It seems that the online application web page is not working.