塱原清除薇甘菊活動 Mikania Removal Activity in LV

塱原清除薇甘菊活動 Mikania Removal Activity in LV

薇甘菊 (Mikania micrantha) 屬菊科多年生的入侵種攀緣植物,會攀附在其他植物及樹冠上,以吸取更多陽光。 薇甘菊的葉和莖生長得十分厚密,故此被它覆蓋的植物很多時都會因未能吸取足夠 陽光而導致生長緩慢甚至死亡。由於薇甘菊生長速度快,繁殖力強,所以有一分鐘蔓延一英里的稱號。

日期:2007年4月29 (星期日)
時間:早上9:15 – 12:30

1. 此活動要求參加者作數小時的體力勞動,需要一定體能
2. 此活動不宜小童參與
3. 本會將勞工手套及工具
4. 本會已替此活動購買保險,參加者亦可自行購買適當保險
5. 參加者請穿著輕便服飾,長袖衫褲為佳,請自備太陽帽、防曬用品、蚊怕水等野外活動用品,參加者宜多備一套衣服以作替換。

請各會員及會友踴躍參加。如有興趣參與,請將姓名、聯絡電話及人數傳真至2314 3687 或 電郵至yvic ky@ hkbws.o (請先刪除空白鍵) 或致電2377 4387楊小姐報名。

Introduction of Mikania
Mikania (Mikania micrantha), belongs to the family Compositae, is an exotic perennial climber. It climbs up other plants and to the canopy for sunlight. The leaves and stems of Mikania cover up the host plants which then receive little sunlight and consequently the growth of host plants are affected. Mikania grows very fast and reproduces rapidly, therefore it is also named “mile-a-minute weed”.

The Convervancy Association and HKBWS are going to hold a Mikania removal activity in Long Valley. Details of the activity are as follow:
Date: 29 Apr, 2007 (Sunday)
Time: 9:15a.m. – 12:30p.m.
Venue: Long Valley
Gathering Time: 9:15 am
Gathering Place: Taxi station outside Choi Yuen Estate Exit, Sheung Shui KCR Station
Quota: 20

Important notes:
1. Participants are required to do physical work for a few hours, good physical ability is preferred.
2. This activity is not suitable for children.
3. HKBWS will provide gloves and other equipments.
4. This activity is insured, participants can also purchase suitable insurance themselves.
5. Casual wear is recommended, long sleeves and trousers are preferred. Please bring hat, sun block, insect repellent. Participants are suggested to bring spare clothes.

Families and friends are welcome. Interested parties, please send the participant names, contact no. and no. of participants to Miss Vicky Yeung via email yvic ky@hkb (please delete space), fax 2314 3687 or phone 2377 4387.