[Oversea] 5 Days in Thailand (KKC & KhaoYai)

5 Days in Thailand (KKC & KhaoYai)

Our focus of this trip were broadbills .. and we got all 6 of our targets within the 4 days of our 5 day tour although for the last, we did have to venture to Khao Yai when ideally we would have stayed at KKC for the entire trip.

The list:
KKC National Park
-Black & Yellow Broadbill*
-Black & Red Broadbill*
-Silver-Breasted Broadbill*
-Dusky Broadbill* (nesting)
-Common Iora*
-Sultan Tit*
-Kalij's Pheasant*
-Black-Thighed Falconet* (nesting)
-Greater Flameback*
-Great Hornbill*
-Long-Tailed Broadbill*
-Buff-Rumped Woodpecker*

Baan Song Nok
-Bronze Drongo
-Lesser Necklace Laughingthrush*
-Grey-Headed Woodpecker*
-Greater Necklace Laughingthrush
-Brown-Cheeked Fulvetta*
-Black-Naped Monarch
-Striped-Throated Bulbul*
-Black-Creasted Bulbul*
-Scaly-Breasted Partridge*
-Pied Fantail
-Spotted Turtle Dove
-Racket-Tailed Treepie*
-Red Jungle Fowl
-Bar-Backed Partridge*
-Black-Headed Bulbul*
-Green Magpie*

Khao Yai
-Thick-Billed Green Pigeon
-Banded Broadbill*
-Asian Openbill*
-Brown Shrike
-Green Eared Barbet* (nesting)
-Red-Breasted Parakeet*
-Chestnut Headed Bee-Eater
-Banded Kingfisher*

Some of the photos can be viewed at the link below:
Wilson Dring