[Hong Kong] What kind of tit is it?

What kind of tit is it?

May I ask if the bird in the photo a Cinereous tit (Parus cinereus) or a Japanese tit (Parus minor)?

It was seen in Lung Fu Shan on 19/1/2017. Thanks!

I made a blog post here.

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Interesting. May I ask which part in LFS please? Thanks.
I am just an inexperienced birder/ birdwatcher/ twitcher/ photographer with no long lens.


The bright green on its back suggests Japanese, but it is quite rare in HK, could be cinereous.


Dear Louis,

The bird could be a Japanese Tit.

Would you mind filling in the details in the URF (usual record form 罕有鳥類表格)? ... ies_report_form.doc

We would like to circulate the record and photo to the Records Committee for confirmation~~

Thank you very much!!

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