已故前主席Cooper贈書/Books donated from past Chairman Gavin Cooper

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已故前主席Cooper贈書/Books donated from past Chairman Gavin Cooper


本會最近收到一批由已故前主席Mr. Gavin Cooper家屬捐贈的雀鳥書籍,除了部份轉贈本會圖書館,其餘將會免費送贈予本會會員。



謹此再次感謝Mr. Gavin Cooper過去對本會的重大貢獻及無私的捐贈!!

We recently received some bird books from family of Mr. Gavin Cooper, our deceased former Chairman.  Some of them were reserved in our library. The rest will be given to HKBWS members free of charge.   

If you're interested, please collect them at our office during office hours by showing your valid membership card. First come first served and no reservation.

When collecting these books, donation is more than welcome for supporting our future conservation work.

The Society would like to express our gratitude again to Mr. Cooper for his tremendous contribution to the Society and to his family who generously donated these books to us.  

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