20180121 HK Wetland Park

20180121 HK Wetland Park

All photographs were taken by me on 20180121 at Hong Kong Wetland Park using Nikon D500 and Nikkor 800mm f5.6 VR lens and 1.25X teleconverter. Thank you for viewing.

Black-faced spoonbill

How many BFS do you see in this photograph?

And in this photograph?

H22 with antenna on its back:

Northern Shoveler

Common Teal

Eurasian Wigeon

Great Cormorant

Eurasian Curlew

Common Sandpiper

Chinese Pond Heron

Black-winged Stilt

Oriental Magpie Robin

Long-tailed Shrike

Red-whiskered Bulbul

Scaly-breasted Munia

Daurian Redstart

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