Is land supply shortage the real cause of “pricy, tiny and cramped” housing?





The Task Force on Land Supply (the Task Force) was established by the Government last year, and on 26 April 2018 the Task Force announced a five-month public consultation on 18 land supply options. However, the public consultation document is similar to the Government’s "Hong Kong 2030+: Towards a Planning Vision and Strategy Transcending 2030" in simplifying Hong Kong’s problem of “pricy, tiny and cramped” housing and blame it on land shortage. Other critical factors, such as Hong Kong’s uneven distribution of resources, population policy and economic structure, were not mentioned for discussion. It failed to identify the real causes of the current social problems and provide corresponding solutions, but instead, it directs the public to support land development. The land supply options include ecologically sensitive areas and specifically mention developing land in Country Parks and even reservoirs. Even more shocking, the Chief Executive has irresponsibly stirred up conflict by blaming green groups who object to reclamation for denying housing to children living in extremely poor living condition (link: It reveals her attempt to put the two in a contradictory state that does not really exist.

Land supply is closely related to all our daily lives and our next generations, the Society thus hopes everyone would take time to understand the current public consultation. Before submitting your comments on the consultation document and your thoughts on the future development of Hong Kong, you are strongly recommended to go through not only the papers published by the government, but as well by the local concern groups. We will carefully study the relevant documents as well and share our thoughts later.

>>Public consultation document -"How to tackle land shortage?":
Deadline for submission: 26 September 2018

*It is also worth reading "Your Real Choice: Honest Consultation on Land Supply" published by Liber Research Community and Citizens Task Force on Land Resources:


Land Shortage ≠ Land Supply Shortage

Thanks to Suet Mei posting the reminder on the Task Force, and throwing the question "Is land supply shortage the real cause of “pricey, tiny and cramped housing"?

As to the public engagement exercise captioned "Land for Hong Kong: Our Home, Our Say!", are there any House Views from the HKBWS? And, just some basic premises to rethink:
(1) Land Shortage = Land Supply Shortage?
(2) Pricey flats solely wholly and exclusively a result of land (supply) shortage?
(3) How complementary btw Conservation and Development?



Thanks K_Chan for your comments and ideas.

We are still tided up with other issues at the moment and will study the public consultation document a bit later. We will share with all of you our views on the land supply consultation once we are ready, and it won't be too late such that you all have time to digest our comments and the consultation document as well. I do hope to share the views of the Society with all members as soon as possible.
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In my opinion, the problem is not inadequate land.  There is more than adequate land resource in the hands of the property developers.
The true problem is the high property price, which is hardly affordable by most people.
If the Government has the guts to confront the property developers to protect the well-being of the people, there is no need to build public housing.  After all, public housing is anti-capitalism.
An interesting fact is:  "Hong Kong is the least affordable housing market for eighth time in a row", whereas "the ten most affordable housing markets are all in the United States"!  ( ... -eighth-time-in-row)