[Oversea] Please help ID (Sabah)

Please help ID (Sabah)

Please kindly help ID the following birds taken in Sabah, October 2018:


Bird 01 - Owl.JPG (93.07 KB)

10/12/2018 17:40


Bird 01 - Owl.JPG

Bird 02 - Bulbul.JPG (79.74 KB)

10/12/2018 17:40


Bird 02 - Bulbul.JPG

Bird 03.JPG (82.21 KB)

10/12/2018 17:40


Bird 03.JPG

Bird 04.JPG (96.61 KB)

10/12/2018 17:40


Bird 04.JPG

Bird 05.JPG (107.65 KB)

10/12/2018 17:40


Bird 05.JPG

Bird 06 - Bulbul.JPG (98.35 KB)

10/12/2018 17:40


Bird 06 - Bulbul.JPG

Bird 07.JPG (89.01 KB)

10/12/2018 17:40


Bird 07.JPG

Bird 08 - Sunbird.JPG (89.8 KB)

10/12/2018 17:40


Bird 08 - Sunbird.JPG

Bird 09 - Sunbird.JPG (85.35 KB)

10/12/2018 17:40


Bird 09 - Sunbird.JPG

Bird 10 - Flycatcher.JPG (78.19 KB)

10/12/2018 17:40


Bird 10 - Flycatcher.JPG

Bird 11.JPG (74.27 KB)

10/12/2018 17:40


Bird 11.JPG


Much appreciate any suggestions for some of the bird ids if not all.


Can you give locations? Were they photographed in the same place?


No reply from you about locations. It could be pretty important in a couple of cases here. It looks like you took quite a few of these shots on the coast, perhaps in mangroves? Anyway, here goes:

1. Barred Eagle Owl
2. a Bulbul - maybe Red-eyed? hard to say. rather rich brown colour could just be saturation.
3. I thought this was a Brown-throated Sunbird at first but eyering is not pronounced, iris and legs look black, so maybe female Crimson Sunbird
4. Orange-bellied Flowerpecker
5. either Abbott's or Horsfield's Babbler - Abbott's if seen in mangroves/by a river, etc.
6. any more shots of this & location? - I don't know what it is, but it looks more like a Babbler than a Bulbul
7. again, any more shots? - I'm not sure what it is, but one possibilty is Red-eyed Bulbul
8. female Brown-throated Sunbird (unless seen inland in good forest)
9. female Copper-throated Sunbird
10. a Flycatcher but need more clues - any more images? how big was it?
11. again, any more images? - it reminds me a little of Yellow-rumped Flycatcher but that's a very rare bird in Borneo, I think. Narcissus also possible

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Don't expect to get response after almost one year.  Sorry for the late reply.
All photos were taken at the Rainforest Discovery Centre or the nearby resort I stayed which has man-made lakes.
My current attention is drawn to other areas that I need some time to check out the photos again.

Thanks.  Samuel


2. Red-eyed bulbul! Doesn't look quite right to me, too greenish underpart.  That is the only photo unfortunately
6. Two more photos attached.  The second one may not be the same bird, but appeared around.
7. One more photo attached.  I think it is red-eyed.  Looks different from bird 2.
10. Two more photos attached.  Unfortunately, side view too blur.
11. One photo attached.

Thanks again, andrewb1967.  Samuel


IMG_4133.JPG (144.49 KB)

7/10/2019 17:06

Bird 6


IMG_4149.JPG (118.42 KB)

7/10/2019 17:06

Bird 6


IMG_4330.JPG (115.99 KB)

7/10/2019 17:06

Bird 7


IMG_1041.JPG (120.04 KB)

7/10/2019 17:06

Bird 10


IMG_1046.JPG (116.78 KB)

7/10/2019 17:06

Bird 10


IMG_1035.JPG (119.4 KB)

7/10/2019 17:06

Bird 11



Hi Samuel,

I've just seen your replies. Will get back to you later today.




Hello again,

Thanks for the additional images, which helped a lot. It sounds like you might have stayed in the same place as me.

2. My first thought for this one was Charlotte's Bulbul (a split from Buff-vented), but I changed my mind and edited the post as it didn't seem to have a streaked crown or pale eye. Looking again, I think it IS Charlotte's.

5. After looking at your additional image of no. 6, I realised this was the same species. All 3 images show Grey-cheeked Bulbul.

The extra image you posted is not this species but either Abbott's or Horsfield's. I'm leaning towards Horsfield's. Interestingly, according to the Avibase checklist for Sepilok Forest, only Horsfield's occurs, but Abbott's is on the eBird checklist. It would help to know exactly where you saw it, and do you have any more images?

7. Yes, Red-eyed Bulbul.

10-11. One of the extra images you posted shows the tell-tale rufous tones on the tail, pointing to Narcissus Flycatcher, and I think both birds are this species.

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