RC decisions 2020

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RC decisions 2020

At a meeting on 10th March, the Records Committee made the following decisions.

It was agreed to accept the following species to Cat I of the HK List. The HK List now stands at 559 species in Cat I and II:

Hen Harrier Circus cyaneus 白尾鷂 (2018-12-31) at Mai Po Nature Reserve.
Collared Owlet Glaucidium brodiei 領鵂鶹 (2019-04-23) at Tai Po Kau.
Western Yellow Wagtail Motacilla flava 西黃鶺鴒(2019-03-28) at Lut Chau.
Silver Oriole Oriolus mellianus 鵲色鸝 (EN) (2018-11-29) at Po Toi.
Buff-throated Warbler Phylloscopus subaffinis 棕腹柳鶯 (2018-10-09) at Hong Kong Wetland Park.
Wood Warbler Phylloscopus sibilatrix 林柳鶯 (2019-04-02) at Po Toi.
Fire-capped Tit Cephalopyrus flammiceps 火冠雀 (2019-01-25) at KFBG.

The following species were accepted to Cat III of the HK List:
Barred-shouldered Dove Geopelia humeralis  斑肩姬地鳩 (2017-11-04) at Mai Po.
Blue-capped Cordon-bleu Uraeginthus cyanocephalus 藍頂藍飾雀 (2017-05-29) at Mai Po.
Asian Glossy Starling Aplonis panayensis 亞洲輝椋鳥 (2018-11-11) at Po Toi.

The following species were removed from URF submission requirement:  Rufous-faced Warbler and Hume’s Leaf Warbler.

An updated HK List will soon be published.  It incorporates changes introduced in the recent IOC V.9.2 and 10.1 species and taxonomic updates.

Geoff Carey
RC Chairman






白尾鷂 Circus cyaneus (2018-12-31) 於米埔記錄
領鵂鶹 Glaucidium brodiei (2019-04-23) 於大埔滘記錄
西黃鶺鴒 Motacilla flava (2019-03-28) 於甩洲記錄
鵲色鸝 Oriolus mellianus (EN) (2018-11-29)於蒲台島記錄
棕腹柳鶯 Phylloscopus subaffinis  (2018-10-09) 於香港濕地公園記錄
林柳鶯 Phylloscopus sibilatrix (2019-04-02) 於蒲台島記錄
火冠雀 Cephalopyrus flammiceps (2019-01-25) 於嘉道理農場記錄

斑肩姬地鳩 Geopelia humeralis (2017-11-04) 於米埔記錄
藍頂藍飾雀 Uraeginthus cyanocephalus (2017-05-29) 於米埔記錄
亞洲輝椋鳥 Aplonis panayensis (2018-11-11) 於蒲台島記錄


最新的 《香港鳥類名錄》即將刊登。本名錄包含了《世界鳥類名錄》(IOC) V.9.2和10.1 的改動。

賈知行 (Geoff Carey)

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