[Falcons] Black Winged Kite 黑翅鳶 (record only )

Black Winged Kite 黑翅鳶 (record only )

This was stretching the technology of digiscoping a bit through the heat haze yesterday at about 300 metres.  This kite was seen around the edge of Pond 16/17 yesterday.  I hadn't seen one for some time.  Neil

Mai Po Nature Reserve, 米埔
Hong Kong,

Nikon 8400 plus Swarovski STS80HD scope and Sw 30x eyepiece and DCA adapter


Nice photo record Neil, its been almost 3 years didn't see this bird photographed in HK. (at least in HKBWS forum)

Thank you. I miss this bird very much~!




I saw it as well  at about one hour after meeting you. Unfortunatly, I was unable to capture it as it only stood idle a short while. :cry:



We also saw this bird on 25th of Aug, and it was also very far away!!but we managed to get a few record shots of it, but the quality is poor. Also, we led a group of tour to see this magnificent bird!!it stood there for 30minute then flew away somewhere.

digiscoped with Contex U4R + Lieca 60x telescope
25th Aug MaiPo

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Now we have a challenge to someone to get a good photo of this handsome bird. Neil


This appears to be a different bird to the one I saw at Mai Po during mid-July, which was clearly a juvenile (scaly back and overall brown tones to the plumage).

Hopefully the species will start turning up more regularly in the area again after a couple of quiet years


forgive me to put back some old photos on this threads.  I still remember many photographer take this bird in Tsim Bei Tsui together, but most of them are now disappeared from this forum.  :cry:

20041022 Tsim Bei Tsui