26-04-2023 Mai Po Nature Reserve at Pond 16&17

26-04-2023 Mai Po Nature Reserve at Pond 16&17

Black-tailed Godwit: White over yellow leg flag CW, C0, C1
Common Greenshank: White over yellow leg leg flag C6
Common Redshank: White over yellow leg flag VC, HL, Y2
Black-faced Spoonbill: Leg flag green sleeve with yellow letter A50


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26/04/2023 21:52



Thank you very much.

Black-tailed Godwits
CW, we have not use CW on a Black-tailed Godwit, most likely CV. CV was ringed on 11-Apr-2021. Recorded in Apr-21 and Apr-22. This is the 4th sighting.

C0 and C1 was both recently ringed on 7-Apr-2023. 1st sighting.

Common Greenshank C6 (六師兄) was ringed on 14-Apr-2022. It is carrying a satellite tracker own by HKBWS.
It has flew to the breeding ground in east Russia and back to HK since Aug-2022.

Common Redshanks:
VC was first ringed on 20-Sep-2020 and used to carry the flag AP. Reported 22 times at Mai Po and Shenzhen Futian until it was trapped again on 26-Nov-2022 and replaced with flag VC. Reported 7 times at Mai Po since.

HL was ringed on 10-Sep-2021. This is the 11th record, all from Mai Po.

Y2 was ringed on 20-Sep-2020. Reported 25 times in Mai Po and Shenzhen Futian.