新田環評認錯雀?San Tin EIA misidentified bird species?

新田環評認錯雀?San Tin EIA misidentified bird species?

(English version follows)

新田科技城環評報告於新年假期前 (2/2)公佈,當中生態影響評估出現明顯錯誤,包括認錯多種雀鳥物種,容易低估發展對后海灣濕地的生態影響。




政府就新田科技城環境影響評估報告展開的公眾諮詢倒數最後10日,把握最後機會,於2024年3月2日或之前將意見電郵至  或 經網上遞交意見:

【San Tin EIA misidentified bird species?】

The EIA report for the San Tin Technopole was released before the Lunar New Year holiday (2/2), and the 30-day statutory consultation period is now coming to an end with 10 more days to go. We spotted a few apparent errors in the ecological impact assessment (EcoIA) of the EIA report. In Appendix 10.2 of the EcoIA, some of the bird photographs and the corresponding names do not match.

(1) The photo of Wood Sandpiper is written as Marsh Sandpiper.
(2) The photo of Long-toed Stint is labelled as Little Stint.
(3) The photo annotated Crested Goshawk, despite the limited image quality, is believed to be another small raptor species within the Accipiter family instead of Crested Goshawk.

Although we are not sure whether these errors are due to "typo " or "misidentification of birds", given that birds are important species and indicators for the conservation of the Deep Bay wetlands, while the EIA report is a professional and legally binding document, we are surprised by such mistakes. This may not only leads to underestimation of the impact of development on the ecological environment and wildlife, but also affects the credibility of the report, raising doubts about the "seriousness" of the impact assessment of the San Tin Technopole.

Deep Bay wetland is the most intact coastal wetland system remaining in the Greater Bay Area, and it should be treated with great care. We hope the relevant authorities and the Advisory Council on the Environment (ACE) would rigorously review the EIA report, ensuring that it provides accurate, reliable, and comprehensive ecological baseline data, so as to enable a comprehensive evaluation of potential environmental impacts and to prevent irreversible damage to the wetland system caused by any developments.

The public consultation on the EIA report for the San Tin Technopole has started. Please seize the final opportunity and submit your comments via email to or online: before 2 March 2024

TOP可參考今日(2月24日)明報A2版、見上URL。有關「認錯雀」疑雲、昨日大台新聞有报道、著重責任機構/組織確認第三張是鳳頭鷹、重點係: 雖認錯頭兩張雀、但不會影响環評的結論云云。

Nice to read HKBWS's updates and URLs on the subject amid the closing of the consultation very soon. As members of Society and the public may not be familiar with the grandiose blueprints, we look forward to more posts/analyses like this on the EIA and EcIA in due course, if not a Society Briefing to members on the stance.


BTW, the low resolution of Plate 3 impedes the identification. Crested goshawk likely though. At least it was not been asserted as a passenger pigeon. Not too bad!