Navigation rather baffling

Navigation rather baffling


While it's great there's a new and active forum, I find navigation confusing.
Lately, wanted to find info on the whitethroat at Lai Chi Kok: wasn't sure if would be in observatory (places), under warblers, or under bird records - hong kong list.

Maybe it would be good for admin(s) to take a step back, enter the forum [maybe start at portal page, where my feeling is the photos take too much precedence), and try to think from perspective of newcomer who might want to find info.

I haven't noticed "search" function, tho assume it's part of the software (but not enabled).

Portal vs forum seem odd notions to me.

There are two categories for Mai Po birds: one with no posts, one with plenty (some of which are Hong Kong list type)

Good, too, if could have a look at the poor old website entry page; again, think of someone who's not one of the "in crowd" (assuming the site is indeed partly for people from outside HK etc).
The mysterious "BBS" link, say, could be greatly improved on. With forum now key section of the site, could give major link to this, or even go directly to forum (?)
If make change or two here, can amend last changed in 2001 part!

Once at forum, seems there aren't links back to the rest of the site.

Anyway, that's my impression so far; hope that some ideas useful.

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