Camera choice for a Televid 77

Camera choice for a Televid 77

Hi friends,

I'm a birder living in Singapore, and came across your forum recently whilst trying to find out more about digiscoping.

I have a Leica Televid 77 (angled), with two eyepieces, the 20xWW and 40xWW. Its a fantastic scope with unbelievable resolution, and using it has helped my ID skills tremendously, as I can now pick out details which were beyond the capabilities of my binoculars. I use the 40x most of the time.

I'd obviously like to be able to capture some of the images that I can see in my scope.

My priority is that the digiscoping setup must be convenient and quick to connect. Most of my birding is in forest and woodland, bashing through undergrowth is sometimes unavoidable, so complicated rigs that attach to the tripod are out. It should be light and easily fit in my already overloaded backpack.

My idea is that I get a dc with a filter thread, and have an threaded adapter made that screws on to the filter thread of the camera. The adapter would be basically a longish tube that fits snugly over the eyepiece, and keeps the camera lens aligned to the plane of the eyepiece. The length of the adapter would be determined by trial and error to minimise vignetting. Seeing as I'm not likely to change scope or camera, this should be workable right?

The next issue is choice of camera. I dont want to buy a brand new one, as secondhand ones are easily available and cheap. It should have a filter thread, and the camera should have a remote control, so I can shoot without fear of vibration, or needing a clunky shutter release attachment

I can get a used Canon G6 for about HK$1.3k-1.5k. It fits all my criteria, but my concern is vignetting, especially with the small exit pupil of the 40x eyepiece.
Andy Bright advises strongly against this camera "The  Canon 'G' series gives plenty of vignetting with most eyepieces. I certainly wouldn't advise anyone to purchase this camera with digiscoping in mind". Has anyone tried the G6 with the Televid scopes and found this to be the case?

If the G6 is not workable, which other cameras could I consider?

What do Televid owners use for digiscoping in HK?

Thanks very much to all of your for your advice and help
Kind Regards