DIY Nikon P5100 LCD Monitor Hood

DIY Nikon P5100 LCD Monitor Hood

Glad to see a bit of upheaval in this column about digiscopy.

Among others, Fneil and Chak Wing have been using Nikon P6000 to go about shooting for quite some time and the results are cheering. I also use the Nikon P series to digiscope and in fact, it is the prosumer dc that I started the hobby with: it being the P5100.

LIKE P6000, P5100 is superb: easy to handle, zero in  vignetting and much better than Nikon CP8400 in noise control. A needle is never sharp at both ends.
First, the definition of the lens just cannot come any closer to CP8400's.
Second, in the absence of an electronic view finder, shooting in daylight situations becomes a bit difficult as the image on the LCD monitor lacks enough contrast to enable easy viewing.

To cope with the second situation, the following (Plate 1) is a DIY monitor hood that I have made for field applications. Plate 2 is a photo taken in an unshaded environment using the P5100 on the Swarovski's 30x-eyepiece and 80HD ATS fieldscope.

Plate 1

Plate 2

Postscript: ISO was at 50 for Plate 2.

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