[Hong Kong] widespread Scarlet Minivet

widespread Scarlet Minivet

Got a feeling in this year that Scarlet Minivet has been widely distributed, not only in woodland, but also village side and urban park.
At least in this year, I heard/saw it in Sha Tau Kok Rd., Sheung Shui Centre and Shatin (Siu Lek Yuen Park). Also in Tai Po centre and Shatin (Tai Wai) in previous year or so.
Does any one have similar observation?

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I think the Winter Atlas survey have shown this trend quite well.  The recent observation is a further extension of range of this species in HK.  The same is also true for a few forest species.  They are increasing in number and becoming more widespread.  Re-forestation in HK has produced a very significant changes in forest birds in the last 20 years.  Dr. HK Kwok has done two studies that span over 10+ years in TPK.  The conclusion generally points to the same trend.  For the future, I would predict Bay Woodpecker will breed in HK pretty soon, and other woodpeckers would become more common.

HF Cheung


yes, I heard them in tai wo road near the Tai Wo Estate, tai po


Scarlet Minivets have recently - ie this year - become a permanent feature in my village, Hing Keng Shek, which is basically on the hillside above Marina Cove/Pak Wai in Sai Kung, about 1-2 kms east of Ho Chung.

My own feeling is that since I have seen them disappear almost from Tai Po Kau (correct me if I'm wrong) over the last 20 or so years - they used to be about as numerous as Grey-chinned there - this is NOT a forest species but a forest edge species and as the forest expands this species is expanding with it, but at the edge. So re-afforestation is the cause, but the most developed forms of forest we have in HK are not the requirement.

Re-reading Gary's message I guess we're saying pretty much the same thing.

Interested to hear what others think.

Mike Turnbull


I was surprised to see Scarlet Minivet in the centre of Sheung Shui last week.
I agree with Mike that this is generally a forest edge/shrubland species, unlike Grey-chinned Minivet. Perhaps this year conditions are favourable and it is using a wider variety of sites.

I wrote the account of this species for the Winter Atlas recently. The Winter Atlas results actually contradict the suggested increase. Scarlet Minivet was recorded from almost exactly the same number of 1km squares as during the Breeding Atlas, with concentrations in the central and north-east NT. This is very different from Grey-chinned which (based on the Winter Atlas results) has increased considerably and was largely restricted to the central NT but was considerably commoner than Scarlet.


Similarly, I saw a group of Scarlet Minivets in the smallish wooded area behind Wo Liu Hang Village (Fo Tan Industrial Area) a few weeks ago. A villager said that they were breeding there for the past two to three years at least.

Hope that is of some use.



To support my previous comments, the attached file shows the distribution of Scarlet Minivet during the Winter Atlas surveys.
21 squares were occupied, with a maximum of 12 birds per square (compared to Grey-chinned in 30 squares with a maximum of 40)


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