[Falcons] "Ringtail" Harrier at Mai Po

"Ringtail" Harrier at Mai Po

2009-12-06   Pond 20 and 21 MPNR
ID MKIIN + 800mm

Some record shots only

A "ringtail" harrier with a barred tail, but unstreaked body, my vote is for "Pied", but I'd welcome comments or corrections.


Why not Estern Marsh Harrier?


The photo taken shows this harrier is on the progress of moulting (T1)
The plumge of this new feather shows that it is not for pied harrier.
Circus spp. 1st cy winter may start its moulting of T1 from End/Nov~Feb or Mar.

As this harrier doesnt looks like adult female marsh harrier,
I guess this is a marsh harrier juv. (female)
whith a special plumge.

just for your reference.

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Pied Harrier (?) at Mai Po, 5th December

Birdoung and Countryboy, thanks for your comments.  

Having looked at other recent Harrier postings, actually I think this must be the same bird with back photographed by Andy LI on 7th November and described by Geoff Carey as Pied Harrier -- underside view later posted by Andy Li on 17th November - link: ... &extra=page%3D1

Andy Li's photos are much clearer than mine !
Anyway, perhaps this Harrier will stay around all winter and we'll get more opportunities to study and photograph it.