Lung Fu Shan Winter 09/10

Lung Fu Shan Winter 09/10

4-Jan-09 morning

Chestnut-flanked White-eye was seen.



Great record Hey! Mind telling us whereabouts was the Chestnut-flanked White-eye seen?


Surely don't mind. In main trail going down to HKU from Hatton Road, there is a U-turn with a kind of electrical box before you reach the castle, the CF white-eye was seen in a bird wave of Japanese White-eye around the U-turn. Hope I made it clear.

Just managed to get an extremely poor pics with a macro len.



IMG_1120 (Small).JPG (63.94 KB)

4/01/2010 21:56

IMG_1120 (Small).JPG


13/1 morning  sunny

crested goshawk x4
Red-flanked Bluetail  Male!! +female
Rufous-tailed Robin
Yellow-browed warbler
Palla's Leaf Warbler


I have never seen a male bluetail
Perhaps it has very low population in HK




Highlight only:

Pale Thrush(female) x 2-3
Grey-backed Thrush(female) x 1
Rufous-tailed Robin x 3+
Red-flanked Bluetail(female) x 1
and... two lovely Blue Whistling Thrush...Even I went to its front, it still walk around on the ground...

I try hard to focus on all white-eyes........But all are Japanese white-eye...

Taken by DC..


very good time birding today!

4/2 0745-0930 cloudy  ~19C  

Crested Goshawk
Grey Wagtail
Rufous-tailed Robin x2
Pale Thrush
Grey-backed Thrush
Yellow-browed Warbler
Pallas' Leaf Wabler
Mountain Tailorbird (seen!)
Striated Yuhina >10

walking down "mosquito walk" when leaving, suddenly a huge thing flap its wings on the shrubs on the right of the path(just about 2-3 m from me).
stunned, i managed to see a crested goshawk grabbing a dead yellow-crested cockatoo and it carried its heavy prey and flew to the left.
somehow i think the cockatoos are real easy prey-- they fly slowly and noisily, attracting much attention.

and is striated yuhina first record for LFS?


hi rayso, can u tell me where did you meet mountain tailorbird and Striated Yuhina?

Thank you.
Let's enjoy bird watching


luckily i found Straited Yuhina today, but couldn't see mountain tailorbird, sadly....
I believe it wasn't the first record at LFS, as my friend met it few years ago, rayso.

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Let's enjoy bird watching


List of Birds Winter 2009/2010

I have been going to Lung Fu Shan/Po Shan Road area almost every week since moving to Hong Kong in September (mostly going to Po Shan Road which I believe is extremely productive).  I have put together of all birds seen there since December.  I have dates and photos for many of these birds but a bit lazy to put them on now.  Here is a list of the best birds.

Mountain Tailorbird--1 seen on Po Shan Road numerous occasions
Chestnut Bulbul--1 seen on 1 occasion
Crested Goshawk--several individuals seen on numerous occasions
Grey-backed Thrush--3 seen on several occasions
Red-flanked Bluetail--2 males and 3 females seen many times
Rufus-tailed Robin--2 individuals seen this Sunday
Black-naped Monarch--1 individual seen twice
Verditer Flycatcher--at least 4 males and 2 females seen on numerous occasions
Grey-headed Flycatcher--1 seen on 1 occasion
Common Blackbird--many individuals seen many times
Black-winged Cuckooshrike--2 individuals seen numerous occasions
Collared Scops Owl-2 routinely heard
Fork-tailed Sunbird--routinely seen

Also one day end of November 2009 I had a Siberian Thrush, 4 Japanese Thrush, and a Tristram's Bunting.  Alas, those birds seemed to pass through quickly.