Lung Fu Shan Winter 09/10

13/1 morning  sunny

crested goshawk x4
Red-flanked Bluetail  Male!! +female
Rufous-tailed Robin
Yellow-browed warbler
Palla's Leaf Warbler


very good time birding today!

4/2 0745-0930 cloudy  ~19C  

Crested Goshawk
Grey Wagtail
Rufous-tailed Robin x2
Pale Thrush
Grey-backed Thrush
Yellow-browed Warbler
Pallas' Leaf Wabler
Mountain Tailorbird (seen!)
Striated Yuhina >10

walking down "mosquito walk" when leaving, suddenly a huge thing flap its wings on the shrubs on the right of the path(just about 2-3 m from me).
stunned, i managed to see a crested goshawk grabbing a dead yellow-crested cockatoo and it carried its heavy prey and flew to the left.
somehow i think the cockatoos are real easy prey-- they fly slowly and noisily, attracting much attention.

and is striated yuhina first record for LFS?