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Original posted by wmartin at 15/04/2010 11:01
Good to see Cheung Chau surveyed, and with relatively high numbers of nesting barn swallows.

As surveyor(s) will have seen, people like shopkeepers encourage the birds - sometimes hanging plastic tra ...
Hi Martin,

Cheung Chau is a second important Barn Swallow Breeding Site in Hong Kong from the Swallow Nest Suvery in 2009.

And the suvery of Cheung Chau is doing by a couple since 2005. And they do the suvery weekly during the breeding season and record the observation in detail. Those records give Swallow and Swift study group more useful information about breeding Barn Swallow in Hong Kong.

Yes, some shopkeepers in Cheung Chau are quite nice to Barn Swallow and welcom them to built nest at their roof. Some photos took by Lawman (Cheung Chau surveyor) show as below and share with all of you.

Inform by Lawman that they found several dead Barn Swallow at Cheung Chau after the cold weather during Feb to March. It seems to me that the weather is a quite big frustration to the breeding Barn Swallow this year.

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Original posted by ajohn at 15/04/2010 14:17
How are the survey sites decided for this study? It seems that there are very few in the Deep Bay area, although I think this is probably an important area for nesting Swallows. I'm sure other village ...
Hi John,

The survey mainly is focus on some "Old" Urban Area in Hong Kong.

For most of the villages, a "non-villager" usually are not welcomed to go into the village by the villagers, so we just can get limited information from the birdwatcher who live in the village.

Swallow and Swift Study Group is welcom any nesting information of barn swallow at any village in Hong Kong. Please help us to collect more information to help the bird.

For Red-rumped Swallow nest, we just can get the information of Mai Po by YYT.

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Original posted by sdavid at 15/04/2010 14:40
I notice that no nests of either species were recorded from the Aberdeen area. It may be worth surveyors having a look over on Ap Lei Chau (Main Street) and there are often Barn Swallows nesting there, and Little Swifts under the main Ap Lei Chau road bridge.  Also there are several pairs of swallows nesting in Wong Chuk Hang on some of the larger industrial buildings
Hi David,

First, thank you very much for your information!

We have done the survey for both Aberdeen Main Street and Ap Lei Chau Main Street in 2009. There are 12 BS Nest and 11 of them were active at Aberdeen, while 15 BS Nest were found and 11 of them were active in Ap Lei Chau!

Moreover, I also found sevearl active House Swift Nests (I think it is same colony as you mentioned) under the Ap Lei Chau Bridge at 2009. Information as belows:

However, there are some new idea on the analysis we need to solve, the publication of the report 2009 will be delayed. Sorry for any inconvenience cause.

P.S. Since most of the Swallow and Swift nests are located at some prviate building which are relatively "sensitive" and “unsafe”, please don’t mention those location in detail on forum and it is better to send PM to me. Thank you very much for all your help!


Original posted by pplareppl at 15/04/2010 16:16
Dear 阿思,

First of all thank you for the information! I spent a good time carefully reading the survey reports of 2008 and found them simply detailful and impressive. Aside that, I would like to ask ...
Hi pplareppl! Please check your email!


意大利的雨燕塔  Swift Towers of Northern Italy


Original posted by handrew at 26/06/2010 09:51
We have had swallows nesting in our garage in Sai Kung. Four chicks fledged last week and they have returned to roost occasionally especially if it is raining. My wife saw two in there yesterday. They ...
Hi Andrew,

First, Thank you very much for your concern of Barn Swallow!

In Hong Kong, if the 1st brood of chicks fledging before mid of May, the Barn Swallow parent can raise 2nd brood of chicks before mid of July. But for this year, it seems due to the cool weather extended to mid April, the breeding of  barn swallow was delayed. In urban area, many 1st broods of chicks hatched at end of May to early of Jun.

Some information from internet share to you as follow:

Barn swallows usually breed between May and August, but this varies greatly with location. They usually raise two broods of chicks each summer. Both birds of a pair make the nest. They build the shell of mud, and line it with grass and feathers. The female lays 3 to 7 eggs (average 5). Both parents incubate the eggs, which hatch in 13 to 15 days. The chicks are naked and helpless when they hatch. Both parents feed and protect the chicks, as well as removing fecal sacs from the nest. The nestlings remain in the nest for about 20 days before fledging. When barn swallows are handled by humans they tend to attempt to fledge at least a day too early. The parents continue to care for the chicks for up to a week after fledging, feeding them and leading them back to the nest to sleep. By two weeks after fledging, the barn swallow chicks have dispersed and often travel widely to other barn swallow colonies. Young barn swallows are able to breed in the first breeding season after they have hatched. Generally, young barn swallows do not produce as many eggs as do older birds. (Brown and Brown, 1999; McWilliams, 2000; Perrins, 1989; Terres, 1980)

And if you want to know more, I recommend you visit the following website :

Hope the information is useful to you!

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燕子在中外歷史都有記載,在舊約聖經詩篇八十四篇 (編於公元前450年)已將燕子為自己找著菢雛之窩作為安穩之描述。在中國 ...
Christine! 謝謝你的鼓勵!


Original posted by handrew at 27/06/2010 15:25

Hi Sze,

thanks for the information. It seems unlikely we will get a second brood. We greatly enjoyed following the progress of our swallow family and we hope they return next year. They are still s ...
Hi Andrew,

You are welcom and thanks for sharing your lovely picture!
The weather of this year is a little bit different from past. So the leaving schedule of  barn swallow maybe delay too and you can try to keep an eye on this.

Keep in touch!




Original posted by Jonathmartinez at 12/07/2011 19:44
There was a nice group of over 50 little swift on sunday end of afternoon flying over Luohu coach station in Shenzhen, I don't knwow wether or not this bird breed in HK or Shenzhen side, but I've noticed them many time there this year, but never so many, so should have a nice colony over there somewhere.
I also have two nest and a few birds reguraly seen in Fumin Shenzhen.


Hi Jonathan! Thank you so much for your sharing!
I do not have any information about swift colony in Shenzhen, so your sharing is very useful to me!
Look forward your sharing again!