有關燕子的資料 Some information about Swallow and Swift

Barn swallows nesting Cheung Chau

Good to see Cheung Chau surveyed, and with relatively high numbers of nesting barn swallows.

As surveyor(s) will have seen, people like shopkeepers encourage the birds - sometimes hanging plastic trays below nests, to catch droppings.

One swallow arrived before Chinese New Year; earliest I've seen on Cheung Chau (where I live) perhaps. Wonder if it survived the cold snap that then lasted around a week.

Typically, as now, get cool spells in spring, when swallows feed low over people's heads.

In late summer, once most young have fledged, get swallow roost develop; maybe around 200 birds, which might gather on wires along buildings near the ferry pier.
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