有關燕子的資料 Some information about Swallow and Swift

volunteer opportunity?

Dear 阿思,

First of all thank you for the information! I spent a good time carefully reading the survey reports of 2008 and found them simply detailful and impressive. Aside that, I would like to ask if you know any volunteer opportunity in Swallow nesting survey program? I recently moved to Hong Kong from the U.S. Right now I have lots of free time and found the tremendous compassion in swallow and would love to help out some organizations on the field.

I was born in Hong Kong and moved to the US while I was 16 during the high school year. I have a Bachelor Degree in Film. After I graduated I worked in CNN and Fox5 as a News Editor. Right now I'm in Hong Kong and enrolling the Master Degree in Multi-Media in Polytechnic of Hong Kong. While I was in New York I was a volunteer field guide in New York State Park and arrange tours and hiking trips. I have passion in birdwatching and outdoors. I have well experienced in photographing skills and I'm fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. I truly wish to use my abilities as a volunteer to make contribution to some non-profits program.