Avoid disturbance to birds around nests 請勿干擾雀鳥營巢

Even being a rare visitor to Mai Po, I know of the nest you are talking about - it was VERY close to the access road.

I condemn those who will try to disturb bird nests, especially those who continue to do so EVEN AFTER BEING WARNED.

People have become more rude and generally more selfish these days.

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Pasha, I do not think lkatherine intended to point fingers to any particular photographers.

If you really think that you did not disturb the bird, you can just calmly say so.

Honestly, I think that the villagers are actually more caring to the drongo than the photographers - as you have pointed out they cared for the growth of the chicks.

There is no need to become all defensive at such a small issue - people will only become even more suspicious of you if you do.