Avoid disturbance to birds around nests 請勿干擾雀鳥營巢

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今日到過現場 (約中午時份), AFCD 的告示牌尚在.


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見主席先生所言,即本帖中 #27 由本會雀鳥專家們所制定的 [觀鳥及鳥類攝影守則] 全是空談,更需與鳥類攝影人仕好好協商,再定出雙方可以接受的行為規範 ..!
[雀鳥專家] 對雀鳥的知識不如 [鳥類攝影人仕]...? 可悲 ... ...
所以這時候才要多方面的智識! 我想亦是主席希望多方面表達意見之原因!
至於誰是誰非, 根本沒有一個絕對的答案, 在我看來, 只要大家也是由愛鳥出發而不是為照片出發, 為何不能理解持不同意見的人? 科學上用實證推翻前人論點之事常有!經過此事(黑卷尾完成繁殖)後再作定論也非不智! 可是討論的角度不應是針鋒相對!
可是現在明顯有人是因為為了一輯照片到現場久候攝影, 我不能說他們沒有愛鳥之心, 不過大概為了拍照的心較愛鳥多!


攝影者的拍攝距離的確可以理解, 退後至馬路中或馬路後是有安全問題。
反而是攝影者逗留的時間才是問題。若果是真的愛鳥而不是愛照片的話, 何需逗留數小時之久! 若果作記錄的話, 既然卷尾媽媽來回多次, 10分鐘~20分鐘也足夠拍到記錄的照片吧!
討論的問題是"愛鳥還是愛照片"吧! 這問題不用作答, 自己問心就可以了!


網上消息根本可信性不一, 即使是所謂「親眼目睹」的消息也可以因為觀察者角度跟當時判斷而有所被歪曲! 閱文者自會判斷, 何需出言罵之?

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Regarding John's reply,

I think there has been much discussion about the appropriate distance from nests and the related issues in the thread, but it has been masked by some disputes about a watcher/photographer who tries to stop people from photographing around the Drongo nests.

People argues that there is no scientific foundation/literatures showing that photographing activities around the nests would cause disturbance, nor those about appropriate distances from nests when observing/photographing. Thus, some people do think there is no problem gathering at the present position for photographing the Drongo nest. They also have doubts about the credibility of comments from "so call Professionals" (like John yourself). As there is no apparent damage to the nest throughout these days, it seems that the distance is "OK" (John has justed pointed out that there may not be enough space for test flights of babies drongos). It seems that the disturbance from cars would be greater than the photographers, there are observations from one of the comments that the drongo response to passing trucks rather than photgraphing activities.
However, i worry that after such a case more and more photographer would think that photographing near nests is acceptable. The problem is, i believe, a number of nests would be affected in the future but these cases would be invisible - as there wouldn't be photos or other sorts of evidence.
Even there is an obeservable damage to the nests (say this drongo nest unforturnately), the photographers can still argue by reasons such as "This is nature" or "There are other disturbances around", and they can still be "innocent" if you use the Hong Kong law system (which assumes that people are innocent).

I worry that such disputes (including issues about using flashlights and baiting) would continue between some photographer & Conservationists, as there is no good scientific support for both sides. More sadly, I believe there is a group of photographers (who seems not present in this forum) who are very angry about some enthusiastic conservationists (and probably vice versa) and which would be one of the reasons leading to such a "Battle". We always hope there are Bird Professionals to stop this dispute, however now it seems that some people disregard the advices from professionals and believe what they are doing is right.

Beetle Cheng

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I found cntlaw's post very constructive, i strongly agree with your opinion about setting up a fence to help the Drongo nest and ensure safety of photographers.

However there are so many nests which are prone to human disturbances each breeding season, it is impossible to set up fences at each of them, that's why self-discipline of photographers and watchers are essential. The difficulty here is it is near impossible to set up a clear-cut guildline, which have been discussed earlier.