[Falcons] Amur Falcon satellite tracked through HK

Amur Falcon satellite tracked through HK

Not sure if this is widely known about, but the following message was posted on the Oriental Bird Club message board a few days ago.

I'm contacting the authors to see if they can let us know the date it passed through HK and to see if they can confirm it actually entered HK airspace and didn't just come close to HK.

Will keep you posted, if I get a response.

Mike Turnbull

Posted by: ""   eutriorchis
Wed Nov 3, 2010 3:25 am (PDT)

Dear All,

all five adult Amur Falcons (Falco amurensis) which we have been able to
satellite track from South Africa to NE-China have now left the breeding
grounds and are in NE-India and Birma. One bird migrated along the coast via
Hongkong and arrived first quite far south in Vietnam. We are now hoping to
track their way back to southern Africa.

We would be interested to get into contact with any ornithologists in
NE-China willing to correspond with us and interested in looking for the supposed
breeding sites of these five birds. We would be able to communicate the
geographical coordinates of the sites. We are interested to learn more about
the breeding habitats, density of the species etc.

Kind regards,

Bernd & Christiane Meyburg

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