Unacceptable disturbance of Cested Buntings at Long Valley

There were many photographers there today- the vast majority of them were standing patiently together waiting for the appearance of birds.  However, there are a few individuals who seem intent on getting a photo and don't have the patience to let the birds come in and present themselves.  Some were charging into the rice to flush the birds out.  I went off to an different rice area were the birds were undisturbed and watched yellow-breasted buntings and chestnut-eared feed for a good fifteen minutes.  The area of rice being harassed by some individuals was birdless (apart from some flighty munias).

There seem to be two approaches to photographing the birds; careful considered photographers who wait for the birds to come in range and then there are the snap happy, shoot from the hip irritants that are reducing everyone's chances of enjoying the birds.

For example- note the lack of birds around this chap (photoshopped to hide his ID!)


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14/11/2010 17:28

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