Unacceptable disturbance of Cested Buntings at Long Valley

Original posted by kmike at 13/11/2010 21:44
Many of the photographers have agreed not to use flash when many are gathered to photograph night birds, and the self-policing works well. It must be possible to extend such good practice to other occasions when many people want to see a good bird.   The basic requirement is respect for the wellbeing of the bird and respect for others who also want to see and photograph birds. Sadly this was not on show at Long Valley today.
When I visited Long Valley last time(mid-October, 2010) at around 7~9pm, I saw that a part of Long Valley may had been disturbed by the light from the far-away-buildings(may not from Long Valley/ Hong Kong). It is because I found that even if I did not use a torch, I could still see the pathway easily just like I was walking at around 5~6pm in the summer of Hong Kong. As I believe that birds and other animals are more sensitive to light than human, it might be possible that the strong light caused disruption towards birds.

I think that the birds really have to struggle a lot in order to survive these days because during day time, they may disturbed by the photographers while during night time, they may also disturbed by the strong light from the far-away-buildings. I really hope that more people can realize that it is not easy for plants and animals, especially birds, to survive these days.