Unacceptable disturbance of Cested Buntings at Long Valley

I think it is more useful to raise these points in the popular photo web instead in HKBWS.
I think you may be right. I think one problem may be that people who have recently taken up wildlife photography do not have the experience of bird behaviour to recognise that their actions could have a significant impact on the birds, even affecting the chances of survival. Also, maybe some people think that Long Valley is managed for the benefit of the visitors, and forget that this is an actively farmed landscape.

Unfortunately, I think many of the people on this forum raising these concerns are not members of other websites for popular photography, and may not know the best forum to approach to post these concerns. Certainly, I do not know where to find the most popular photography websites.

If anyone who is reading these threads on this website is also a member of these popular photography websites, could you please post something to those sites to remind these photographers that their actions may actually affect the survival of the birds they are photographing, as well as the livelihood of the farmers at Long Valley.