Unacceptable disturbance of Cested Buntings at Long Valley

I was very excited when I heard that the Crested Bunting has returned to Long Valley. This further proofs that our wetland management is a success. Honestly, in my point of view, Crested Bunting is more exciting than BFS in Long Valley! I still haven't seen this bird, hope they can stay for a few more days. (I was in LV today for the eco-guides training but unable to free myself to see the bird.)

Plese forgive me, I have to remind all the bird watchers and photographers once again about  the "Important note for birding in Long Valley ". Please DO NOT step/walk into the farmland. This is a kind of respect to farmers!!!
Since there are many visitors in Long Valley recently. They are not visiting Long Valley for birds but for taking landscape and other photos. Please behave yourself and leave a good impression to them esp. those who are not familiar with Long Valley.
Although those paddy fields were managed by HKBWS and CA, that doesn't mean you can walk/step into the field!!!! Farmers didn't ask birders and photographers to leave the paddy fields because they are not dare to do so since they receive subsidies from the society.
In addition, there are some narrow bunds between the rice paddies, however, it is not recommended to walk on since the bunds are for other purposes (farmers' use).
Even those harvested farmlands, it is not appropriate to walk on as well. This will give other visitors an impression that they can also walk into other farmlands with crops.  

當我聽到塱原有鳳頭鵐的時候我真的十分開心,因為這進一步證明我們的濕地管理的成效。老實說,我個人認為鳳頭鵐的出現比黑臉琵鷺在塱原出現更加有代表性。(我今早也在塱原, 不過忙於導賞員訓練未能抽身去看鳳頭鵐)

雖然稻米田是由香港觀鳥會和長春社管理,但這並不代表鳥友和攝影者可以走到農地中間!!! 農友沒有叫鳥友和攝影者離開農地,不是因為他們不介意,而是他們不敢這樣做,因為他們是接受鳥會和長春社的資助。