Unacceptable disturbance of Cested Buntings at Long Valley

Apart from disturbance at the Rice Paddies, I observed some more very bad actions doing to the Crested Serpent Eagle (Yes, it was back today).
One man was first trying to throw a dead tree branch at it to make it fly, but not strong enough to reach the eagle (intensionally Or maybe the man wasn't strong at throwing things).
The eagle remained sitting on the pole, than the old man approached the pole, making noise with his tripod, but still couldn't make the eagle fly.
The man further approached the pole and hit the pole with his tripod and finally managed to make it fly.

The point is seems that those photographers surrounding the pole were encouraging such actions, rather than stopping him. They were all happy to make flying photos of that eagle.

I have got some photos of that event, but not to post it here due to piracy.

Maybe i was not the first one to see such unconsiderate actions, But would still like to point it out.

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I can see some structures (probably made by CA) which a flag showing the character "茶" on one of the harvested farmlands, giving an impression that it is some sort of a hide - which encourage people to walk on the farmland.
what are those structures for?
I think it might be appropriate to inform CA about that so that they can make a claim.