Discussion: baiting birds for photos 討論:餌誘拍鳥

It really depends on the objective. Like Mai Po, a lot of Tilapia are dumped into #4 for feeding cormorants and some photographers went  there to take photos without causing troubles. So, with this regard, I don't think there is any problem BUT it should not be quoted to support the photo-oriented feeding.

In the UK, it is known that some top wildlife photographers used baited to take good photos, like provision of a tank of small fish for Common Kingfishers and this photographer took photos from the bottom of the tank. It is very hard to say the bird will suffer from this. It looks likely a little bit of "援交".

Provision of a tank of fish or a bucket of worms does not really have detrimental effect on birds. But it may change the behaviour of a bird individual, making it more tame to potential predators like us.

In HK, we have a dense population of both people and birds.  Every single action toward birds must be carefully planned. As food is plenty and winter weather is wild, so there is no justification to provide food to birds for simply taking photos. It should be back up with conservation objectives. Go to drained down ponds, harvested vegetable field or fruiting trees to take photos. Anyway, such provision of food for photo-taking is not necessary and fully justified in HK.

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In some countries in the North Hemisphere, feeding birds in winter is encourage.

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In HK, such feeding (for photo-taking and save young birds) is not necessary as food is plenty and winter weather is mild.


FYI.  I was told there was a bird table (food feeding) at Tai Po Kau (near the picnic area) many many yrs (1970s?). Just to attract birds.

I also read an article that BBC has taken footage of Blue Magpie foraging a cake at a garden of an expat's home on the Peak (1970s?).

So, if just a small amount of food (without hygiene problem) and birds do not suffer from food feeding, it seems that such food feeding is not a big deal.

Of course, the rule of thrumb is "no overfeeding" and "no disturbance to the birds, in particular during the breeding season".


Just last week. I watched Disney Channel with my daughter. One of the programs was "special agent OSO". This special agent taught kids how to make their own bird feeders in three steps. These three steps were

Step 1
Find a cone

Step 2
Stick seeds together with the cone with peasant butter

Step 3
Hang out the cone (over a tree branch) with a ribbon

Very simple and easy. Unlikely to create a lot of disturbance to birds and the environment.

In case, people like to take photos with provision of food (nobody can stop them by law, except in country parks/protected areas). We may encourage them to use more ecologically friendly approach. This approach can be considered. Do remember not to over feeding and disturbing the birds.e

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