Discussion: baiting birds for photos 討論:餌誘拍鳥

I always say all bird photographers would become birdwatchers and conservationists, and many of them do.
I can also tell you that many beginning bird watchers who are not photographers do not care about birds initially.

I believe HKBWS should not promote baiting to any birdwatchers.  But I also think that HKBWS should not criticize it.  As in many other issues, the distinction between feeding for conservation and feeding for photo may not exist, if the person's intention is not considered.

As a comparision, see the following issues.  They may be more serious issues in terms of conservation.
I do not recommend keeping birds or animals as pet, but I will not criticize all animal keepers.
I am a bird and animal lover, but I eat seafood caught in the wild.

HF Cheung


I am not the chairman since the last AGM meeting in Sept this year.  I can only represent myself.  I wish to ask "what have we learned or gained from this discussion?".

I think photographic bird records are excellent.  Photos allows us to see details that we cannot see before.  Many series of excellent birds photography have allowed us to learn much more on bird behavior.
For example, I recently learned that Long-tailed Shrike would harass Little Grebe so as to get a fish from the Grebe's stomach.

The act of bird photography play a very important role in the history of birdwatching in HK.  Because of them, we can have excellent photos for reporting bird news in mass media.   There are many people learning to appreciate the beauty of birds on the web every day.  Now HK people understand much more about bird watching, mostly through excellent bird photos.  The support for HKBWS has grown tremendously.

I understand that there are subtle differences between the so-called "traditional bird watcher" and "electronic-assisted bird watcher".  I think there are a lot of common value to share among us.  For example, should we be united to fight against Nam Sang Wai development?  I think we should.

So I really suggest that we lay down the small differences that may exist between you and I, so that we can work together towards a higher goal.

HF Cheung

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