Opinion Poll on Bird Photography Practices 鳥類攝影守則意見調查

I believe that now 99% of the photographers taking part in the wildlife photog are good hearted and just trying to appreciate the nature with their cameras.  The population of this group of amateur photograhpers are growing in a faster way than everyone expected.  But also most of the people are practising their own way.

Instead of formulating all these code of conducts which is bored and means nothing to most of the people who don't even join HKBWS.  Even they are members like me, I still have to figure out how to do the bird photography myself.  

In our old chinese wisdom, "Good Apprentices are from good Masters".

If HKBWS organise "Bird Photography Skills Workshop" by inviting successful photographers to share their experience, I am sure the class will be very popular and you have a good chance to tell the public about the proper practice to keep a good successful rate in good photos whereas keeping the welfare of the birds in the first priority.  So a good Master can spread the good techniques to apprentices and apprentices can spread among apprentices.

Just my little cents.