[Outing] 25/3/2007 Tai Sang Wai to Mai Po Outing 大生圍至米埔觀鳥活動

25/3/2007 Tai Sang Wai to Mai Po Outing 大生圍至米埔觀鳥活動

Tai Sang Wai to Mai Po Outing

Date: 25/3/2007 Sunday
Time: 8:00 - 16:30
Gathering place: Hang Heung Cake Shop (near LRT Tai Tong Rd Station, Yuen Long)

Leader: Mr. Dickson WONG & Mr. Forrest FONG
Free of Charge; All members and non-members are welcome.

Walking up to 4~5 hours is required for the whole outing. Therefore, please bring simple & light pack but enough drink. If you have a telescope, please bring it with you as the birds may be at a very far distance.

Limited to 40 participants only (Please click on the Registration Functionabove to submit your registration)
The Activities Enquiry Hotline for contacting outing leaders at the event date only: 9845 2390.

The Hong Kong Bird Watching Society shall have no responsibility, financial or otherwise, for expenditure or other liabilities arising from the activities.



集合地點:元朗恒香餅店 (近輕鐵大棠道站)

領隊: Mr. Dickson WONG & Mr. Forrest FONG
免費; 歡迎各位會員及非會員參加

全程步 行長達4~5小時,所以裝備要輕便及帶備足夠飲料,如有單筒望遠鏡,請帶備;更要留意當日的天氣預告。

活動查詢熱線/當天與領隊聯絡電話:9845 2390



Tai Sang Wai to Mai Po Outing Record

Tai Sang Wai to Mai Po Outing Record

No.        Name                        名稱
002        Little Grebe        小鸊鷉
010        Great Cormorant        鸕鶿
014        Grey Heron        蒼鷺
015        Purple Heron        草鷺
016        Great Egret        大白鷺
017        Intermediate Egret        中白鷺
018        Little Egret                        小白鷺
021        Cattle Egret        牛背鷺
022        Chinese Pond Heron        池鷺
024        Black-crowned Night Heron 夜鷺
036        Black-faced Spoonbill        黑臉琵鷺
043        Eurasian Wigeon        赤頸鴨
047        Common Teal        綠翅鴨
051        Northern Pintail        針尾鴨
052        Garganey                  白眉鴨
053        Northern Shoveler        琵嘴鴨
057        Tufted Duck        鳳頭潛鴨
063        Osprey                        鶚(魚鷹)
067        Black Kite                        黑鳶 (麻鷹)
074        Eastern Marsh Harrier        白腹鷂 (澤鷂)
080        Common Buzzard        普通鵟
101        White-breasted Waterhen 白胸苦惡鳥
103        Common Moorhen        黑水雞
104        Eurasian Coot        白骨頂
107        Black-winged Stilt        黑翅長腳鷸
108        Pied Avocet        反嘴鷸
112        Pacific Golden Plover        太平洋金斑鴴
116        Little Ringed Plover        金眶鴴
121        Black-tailed Godwit        黑尾塍鷸
125        Eurasian Curlew        白腰杓鷸
127        Spotted Redshank        鶴鷸
130        Common Greenshank        青腳鷸
133        Green Sandpiper        白腰草鷸
134        Wood Sandpiper        林鷸
136        Common Sandpiper        磯鷸
173        Black-headed Gull        紅嘴鷗
181        Caspian Tern        紅嘴巨鷗
192        Oriental Turtle Dove        山斑鳩
194        Spotted Dove        珠頸斑鳩
208        Common Koel        噪鵑
209        Greater Coucal        褐翅鴉鵑
228        Pied Kingfisher        斑魚狗
229        Common Kingfisher        普通翠鳥
230        White-throated Kingfisher 白胸翡翠
251        Barn Swallow        家燕
255        Yellow Wagtail        黃鶺鴒
258        White Wagtail        白鶺鴒
260        Olive-backed Pipit        樹鷚
261        Red-throated Pipit        紅喉鷚
270        Red-whiskered Bulbul        紅耳鵯
271        Chinese Bulbul        白頭鵯
279        Long-tailed Shrike        棕背伯勞
287        Oriental Magpie Robin        鵲鴝
312        Masked Laughingthrush 黑臉噪鶥
343        Zitting Cisticola        棕扇尾鶯
345        Yellow-bellied Prinia        灰頭鷦鶯
346        Plain Prinia                        褐頭鷦鶯
347        Common Tailorbird        長尾縫葉鶯
354        Yellow-browed Warbler 黃眉柳鶯
397        Japanese White-eye        暗綠繡眼鳥
402        Little Bunting        小鵐
418        Yellow-billed Grosbeak 黑尾蠟嘴雀
424        Eurasian Tree Sparrow 樹麻雀
427        Red-billed Starling        絲光椋鳥
433        Black-collared Starling 黑領椋鳥
434        White-shouldered Starling 灰背椋鳥
435        Common Myna        家八哥
436        Crested Myna        八哥
444        Common Magpie        喜鵲
447        Large-billed Crow        大嘴烏鴉
448        Collared Crow        白頸鴉
800        Azure-winged Magpie        灰喜鵲

Total 總數:73

Doubtful 懷疑: Water Pipit 水鷚 :?:



請另加一隻 389大山雀.
Bill               Early enthusiast gets more birds


Thank Dickson for helping leading the outing and Wendy for preparing the bird list.

We had 37 members and non-members joined the outing today.
Except 2 members, all participants were the 1st time visiting Tai Sang Wai and Luk Chau.

The weather was cloudy in the morning and became hot & dull at noon time when ocasional sunshine appeared.  It made us feeling more tired in walking over 5 hours from Tai Sang Wai to Mai Po carpark.

After checking more reference* when back to home, I would confirm that the doubtful species, Water Pipit, should be a Red-throated Pipit. (Bill and Cherry, could you get the photos of this pipit?)

* Pipits & Wagtails of Europe, Asia and North America - Per Alstrom and Krister Mild - HELM


Forrest FONG


Thanks for all your participation.

I would like to add 4 more species at the #16/17 geiwai

Great Knot 大濱鷸
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper 尖尾濱鷸
Curlew Sandpiper 彎嘴濱鷸
Grey Plover 灰斑鴴


Red-throated Pipit 紅喉鷚

Red-throated Pipit  紅喉鷚
Tai Sang Wai
Dear Forrest, I only have these 2 photos, its breast is plain, but I think it still a red-throated pipit, immature.

Bill               Early enthusiast gets more birds