Po Toi Spring May

Geoff I think the photo of the Short-tailed Shearwater is in focus.  I imagine this image is heavily cropped and as such there is no way to maintain good sharpness.


14 & 15 May

Stayed over on Po Toi Saturday night.

On Saturday a Yellow and Cinnamon Bittern were on the lagoon. Grey-streaked Flycatcher, Arctic Warbler, a Little and Chestnut Bunting, a thrush species (possibly Eyebrowed), a Pale Martin, and a Blue-tailed Bee-eater were also around. Heard a Savannah Nightjar call at dusk on Saturday.

Was impressed with the number of Brown Shrikes. On my way to sea watching Saturday evening on the south peninsula counted 45 in the scrub. When one considers that Po Toi is almost completely scrub, there must over one thousand Brown Shrikes on the island.

On Sunday a 3 or 4 more Yellow-bittern arrived over night. Bee-eater and Cinnamon Bittern were still around.  There were one each of Red-billed and Silky Starling which feel quite late to me. Two or three Chinese Goshawks are still hanging around which also feels late to me.  

Missed seeing both the Swinhoe's Egrets and Burmese Python which Jen had some magnificent shots squeezing a Pond Heron.  I ran up to the reservoir to see it but it had already slithered away with it's prey.

Quite dark and rainy for sea watching.  Counted 42 Aleutian Terns but think some of the distant groups of terns might have been Bridled Terns so maybe not that many. Also about a dozen Bridled Terns, 7 White-winged Terns, 2 Greater Crested Terns, and 2 Little Terns.  No hoped for Short-tailed Shearwater.