By looking at these three photos, I would guess that the photographer was really closed to the nest.  If so, the act of
that sure had negative effect to the bird, which was against the code of the HKBWS.  The photographer might not be the member of the HKBWS.  Then, if so, it should not be linked to the HKBWS forum.  Am I right?

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Hi, Sze.

Although I do not know you personally, your devotion to birds and wildlife is well known to lot of people, at least to me, as I know you also host of HKWildLife.  I would not double your good intention.  If enhancing public interest of birds is one of the missions to HKBWS, then I would suggest from other members of HKBWS less criticizing those who might have some acts of disturbance of birds while taking photos.  We all know the true that since the growth of birds photography and people having more and better photography gears, many many birds images, including rare type, interesting type have been provided by enthusiastic photographers to this forum as well as other sites and places.  Such actually enhances public interest to birds as well as wildlife.  So, it is win-win subsequently.  I really doubt that those involve in wildlife photography are bad hearted.

BTW, I really do understand what you are talking about the researches.

Best regards.