[Hong Kong] 深圳紅樹林污染波及港濕地 Water Pollution at Deep Bay

深圳紅樹林污染波及港濕地 Water Pollution at Deep Bay

3/2/07 明報 Mingpao

Due to water pollution from city development, the mangrove at Shenzhen Bay was reduced by half in the past 20 years.  Plant diversity has dropped by more than 60%.  The level of copper in the area exceeds China’s national standard.  Studies by HKU and CityU indicate high levels of heavy metal and mercury in sediments at Mai Po.  Lew Young commented that such pollutant could accumulate in birds up the food chain and increase their mortality.  Recent studies also found high levels of insecticides in egrets.  Lew urged the governments of Hong Kong and Shenzhen to work together against illegal waste water discharge to the Deep Bay.