Recreational Cyclists in Mai Po

Recreational Cyclists in Mai Po

Your help is needed to report illegal entry by recreational cyclists into the Mai Po restricted area.

Cycling is becoming a popular activity in Hong Kong and the past 12-months has seen an increase in the volume of recreational cyclists using the Tam Kon Chau Road, the road leading to Mai Po.
近年單車運動成為香港人熱門的活動之一,過去一年擔杆洲路 (即連接青山公路至米埔停車場的路段) 上的單車使用者明顯增加。

Sometimes these cyclists stray into the Mai Po restricted area by cycling along the Frontier Closed Area (FCA) road despite clear signage requesting them not to do so. Aside from illegally entering the Reserve without a valid permit, unfortunately these cyclists often behave inappropriately such as being excessively noisy, or can disturb wildlife by wearing brightly coloured clothes. Of particular concern is the potential impact this has on Black-faced Spoonbill roosting in the northern Mai Po gei wai alongside the FCA road.

AFCD recently prosecuted a number of these cyclists which is good news because it sends out a strong message to the cycling community. WWF will continue to work with AFCD and the Border Police to find a long-term solution to the problem particularly as the situation could worsen following the official opening up of the FCA sections near Mai Po in spring 2012, and the construction of a new cycle track close to Mai Po in a few years’ time.

Meantime, HKBWS members can help by contacting the AFCD warden post (Office hour 08:00 – 18:00, Tel 2471 4411) should they encounter such cyclists inside Mai Po. The warden will then intercept those people and prosecute if found to be an illegal entry case. Please remember a handful of birdwatchers/researchers are permitted to use bicycles along the FCA under the WWF registration system, so please don’t mistake them for recreational cyclists. The difference is quite obvious.
現時各香港觀鳥會會員如在保護區發現違法單車使用者,可向漁護署米埔自然護理員辦事處 (辦公時間;08:00-18:00,電話;2471 4411) 舉報,漁護署自然護理員會制止並對違法人士作出檢控。請注意,已向世界自然基金會登記的觀鳥者/研究人員可在邊境鐵絲網旁的車路使用單車,分別顯而易見,請不要把他們與其他違法單車使用者混淆。

Thank you,

Mai Po Office


Today's SCMP mention that on Wednesday 15th Feb 2012 the border area between Mai Po and the Lok Ma Chau Control Point will be open to the public. Does that mean that entry and bikes are freely allowed in this area?