Mai Po 米埔 Spring 2012 春

Nordmann's Greenshank request for Saturday

Hello birders,
My wife and I are avid birders who recently moved to HK.
We are keen to try for our lifer Nordmann's Greenshank this Saturday (April 7).
Unfortunately our Mai Po permits are still in process.

Would you help us access the boardwalk?  We have a scope and would love to visit as a guest of a permit holder.
If you have another suggestion please let us know.

We are open to feedback if there is a better approach - many thanks in advance

Warm regards
Natalie and Jason
9266 3195


Re: Nordmann's

Thank you - great advice!
My wife works at our church on Sunday which makes the group outings challenging, but I'm confident we'll find a way.
Thanks again for the suggestions.


Deep Bay tide question


Could someone explain the following please?

1) What is the best tide for shorebird viewing on the Mai Po mudflats?
2) Is there a tide calendar or estimate available?

Many thanks!