[Hong Kong] Tai Mo Shan, Tai Po Kau

Tai Mo Shan, Tai Po Kau

Good day today, beginning with the HKBWS outing to Tai Mo Shan and extending on my own to Tai Po Kau.

In order of record:

1) Brownish-flanked Bush-Warbler: Many throughout the day, certainly more than 10 which appears to be the high count.  I would estimate 35 over the 15km+ of hiking on this route.  Singing almost constantly.

2) Chinese Francolin: also calling through the grasslands, saw 1 male between Tai Mo Shan and Lead Mine Pass.

3) Upland Pipit: 1 spotted on a rock on Tai Mo Shan, above the vehicle barrier but before the summit

4) Richards Pipit: 6, usually in pairs, between the summit and Lead Mine Pass

5) Large Grass Warbler: 4, all singles, between the summit and Lead Mine Pass.  Notably I did not see any on the group route up to the summit - it may be easier to find these past the summit (which appeared less crowed and a bit more birdy overall)

6) Russet Bush-Warbler: 1, singing, between the summit and Lead Mine Pass

7) Hodgson's Hawk-Cuckoo: 1, calling, also seen in flight just beyond Lead Mine Pass en route to Tai Po Kau.

8) Large Hawk-Cuckoo: Many calling between Lead Mine Pass and Tai Po Kau.

Good birding!  Feel free to email for more detail at

Jason Mann