Mai Po autumn 2012

19th Sep 2012 (Wed)

From the boardwalk: Norman's Greenshank 1, Asian Dowithcer 1

Path to Tower hide: Asian Paradise Flycatcher 1

Near the Warden's hut: a shrike flew out from the Pond's side to the top of of a pole on the fishponds'
side, look unusually uniform warm and solid brown and smallish, very flat perching posture and soon disappeared. No time to apply my spotting-scope. Possibly the Tiger shrike seen on Monday, though
John who happened to be nearby said there was also a juvenile Brown Shrike seen together with
the Tiger one.

On the access road also a juvenile Yellow Bittern and Yellow Wagtails passing in small groups.

Last word, the Oriental White Stork was on the Scrape (Ponds 16/17), good view from the disabled hide, my first sighting after last three attempts in three weeks.

S L Tai

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Dear Brendan

Thanks for your comments. I write just to raise public awareness. I have seen two previously,
one during a very early Mai Po outing led by Richard Stott a past chairman  of the society more than
fifteen years ago, the other on Po Toi.

For personal birding, we rely on gist developed over years of active birding which Paul Leader
is the best. Of course, he has very sharp eyes for details of which I'm only half as
good, an ambitious estimate.

S L Tai

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