塱原 21/10 及 23/10 記錄照

塱原 21/10 及 23/10 記錄照

Cannot upload the photos to HKBWS, so share photo album with all of you

21st Oct 2012

23rd Oct 2012
Buff-bellied Pipit x 3
Slaty - breasted Rail x 1
Greater Painted Snipe female x 3
Common Moorhen x 1
Grey Wagtail x 1
Chinese Pond Heron x 2
Common Snipe x 1
Little Ringed Plover x 2

去了幾天仍然未能拍到 Japanese Quail.

但拍到 Buff - bellied Pipit, Slaty-breasted Rail 及 Greater Painted Snipe 已很開心