Nikon 單筒

Nikon Prostaff 5 can be a binoculars or rangefinder (I don't know why Nikon use the same name for different tools!)

For laser rangefinder Prostaff 5, details are given here: ... 388/PROSTAFF-5.html
Laser rangefinders are used to measure distance of an object and the magnification is probably too small (6x) for bird watching.  They are mainly used for hunting.  I have a similar one from Bushnell for my golf game.

For binoculars Prostaff 5, details are given here: ... prostaff5/index.htm
And they are suitable for bird watching.

But if you want field scope, then you may check the details from here:


I see.  Ha ha, Nikon people is making a joke on us. A suggestion to Nikon:  Why not call everything 'thing' instead.  This binoculars 'thing', that field scope 'thing', etc. etc.  
From the specification, it seems the weight is really light.
Actually I am planning to buy a Swarovski scope myself.  And would now be interested to hear user's feedback on this Nikon Prostaff 5 field scope as well.

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