Po Toi Map

Po Toi Map

This is a copy of what appears in my weekly report for the Second Week in September, but perhaps it is better as a stand alone thread

I have been asked by those not familiar with Po Toi to produce a map showing paths and main features, here is a small version

and a larger version is here
(This map is taken from a Planning Department publication and marks the current extent of the Village in pale brown, not my marking)

If anyone can see anything I have missed, please let me know.

For those walking the paths marked here, please DO NOT stand on the water pipes. The main water pipes are those from the Sister's Cafe up Green Pigeon Lane, which follows the pipe to the Upper Reservoir, and the water pipes in the trees behind the Toilets and Community Centre. These water pipes are the only sources of running water for the locals. Unfortunately, one was broken this week in the Sister's Cafe area, I suspect by a birdwatcher looking for the Drongo - so please be careful, we need the support of the locals to maintain Po Toi in it's current state.


Thanks for posting this Geoff. I've always been puzzled by some of the place names referred to when birds are seen on Po Toi so this really helps to make it clearer.


Thanks for your notice !


Thanks John and others.

Most of the names are fairly obvious. But

Green Pigeon Lane is the path which leads to the tree near the Upper Reservoir (marked on my map) where the Orange-breasted Green Pigeon spent much of its time in 2006. This path was hacked out by Graham Talbot to enable him to tick the pigeon, which just goes to show how much a tick is worth to him. We've kept it open since then but even today it's quite a hike and not recommended for Large Lenses.

Tiger Lane is an invention of Peter and Michelle. It's not where the Tiger Shrike was in 2006, that was near the Ferry Pier as Paul pointed out. So I can only think they saw a tiger there or something.

The Helipad is the emergency landing area but more importantly, the location of the Opera House at the Festival held every three years (the annual festival is held at the Temple). But it has been used as a helipad - a few years ago, a Dragonair pilot used it regularly to fly his helicopter in for lunch at the restaurant. We all know how mad Dragonair pilots can be for a good meal. He also brought along a very attractive young lady who he said was his wife, but nobody believed him.

The Community Centre was built by the Royal Air Force in the 1970s as a community assistance scheme, hence we have several photos of Po Toi village from those days, including aerial ones, as given here

Compare the 1973 vegetation with that of today

The Generator building is now alongside the Community Centre but was not there in the 1970s.

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Many thanks......


Thanks you so much, Geoff, for your efforts in helping us birders and
in preserving Po Toi, an island we love so much



Thanks a lot!