[Eagles] Bonelli's eagle 白腹山鵰

Bonelli's eagle 白腹山鵰

Ho Chung 蠔涌

I saw a pair of Bonelli's at Ho Chung today, one being mobbed by 4 Large-billed crows. I wonder whether they breed in this area? Its not a great photo but it shows the size difference well. I am beginning to see this secies reasonably regularly in the Ho Chung / Sai Kung area.


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6/05/2007 10:47



I also saw one there last Tuesday (1 May) being mobbed by both a kite and a crow.

This species has in the past been seen quite regularly in the Ho Chung area, but mainly, by me at least, in the autumn.

There is a site elsewhere in the Sai Kung area where this species has appeared to be resident over many years, but not sure of the current position there.

Mike Turnbull


Re: Bonelli's eagle 白腹山鵰

On that day, just a moment before the Bonelli's Eagle was chased by the Crows, I saw the Eagle try to hunt a pigeon by very very fast speed.
Lucky for the pigeon, it flew closed to the trees, so it can escape.

So wonderful scene... :shock: