[Plovers] European Golden Plover

European Golden Plover

Our surveyor found a European Golden Plover at Geiwai 16/17 in Mai Po Nature Reserve this morning.
Noted the bird with chunky body and head, larger size compare with Pacific Golden Plover in the 2nd photo, proportionately short legs (PISTON & HEINL 2001)
Also the underwing color is key feature to distinguish Pacific Golden Plover and European Golden Plover. European showed Whitish underwing and Pacific showed a greyish.

For more details for ID, there are an article about 1st record of European Golden Plover in Alaska. please see

Thanks for Mr. Yu Yat Tung & other friends to give suggestion to ID
Thanks for Mr. John Holmes to get a good photo of the underwing to look more details to confirm the ID

香港觀鳥會 HKBWS