[China] Poyang Lake 鄱陽湖 12.2015

Poyang Lake 鄱陽湖 12.2015

This winter water level at Poyang Lake was much higher than the average; this affected the growth of the preferred diet of Siberian Cranes. As a result, we didn't find the concentration of Siberian Cranes like the previous years and we just managed to find about 50 nos. in this trip. Probably they might be dispersed over a larger area to look for suitable diets. This is a worrying sign for the conservation of this critically endangered bird species if the planned dam project there is implemented,
Siberian Crane 白鶴

White-naped Crane 白枕鶴

Oriental Stork 東方白鸛

Tundra Swan 小天鵝


Eurasian Spoonbill 白琵鷺

Greater White-fronted Goose 白額雁

Bonelli's Eagle 白腹隼雕 - a rare record there in recent years


Hen Harrier 白尾鷂

Tundra Bean Goose 凍原豆雁/ Greater White-fronted Goose 白額雁