Po Toi April 2016

2016-04-14 Thu

Hi Geoff, here is the bird we are not sure what species it is. I only have the back of it and would others who has the front part post it for sake of discussion. Thanks in advance.

There is another bird I would like to ask for id please. I am thinking whether it could be a Besra.

Other species found today:
池鷺 Chinese Pond Heron
牛背鹭 Eastern Cattle Egret many
中白鷺 Intermediate Egret
小白鷺 Little Egret many
岩鹭 Reef Heron at least 2
赤腹鷹 Chinese Sparrowhawk Male and Female
黑鳶 Black Kite
珠頸斑鳩 Spotted Dove
褐翅鴉鵑 Greater Coucal
白腰雨燕 Pacific Swift at least 2
家燕 Barn Swallow
普通翠鳥 Common Kingfisher
紅耳鵯 Red-whiskered Bulbul
白頭鵯 Chinese Bulbul
黑臉噪鶥 Masked Laughingthrush
八哥 Crested Myna many
鵲鴝 Oriental Magpie-Robin
灰紋鶲 Grey-streaked Flycatcher

北灰鶲 Asian Brown Flycatcher
紫嘯鶇 Blue Whistling Thrush (I saw 1, others saw 2)
鴝姬鶲 Mugimaki Flycatcher female (others saw male too)

仙八色鶇 Fairy Pitta (saw, heard but no photo)

There are species saw by other birders, I consolidate the list first and please post the photos.
海南藍仙鶲 Hainan Blue Flycatcher
綬帶 Amur Paradise Flycatcher
白眉鶇 Eyebrowed Thrush
三寶鳥 Oriental Dollarbird
四聲杜鵑 Indian Cuckoo x2 (heard)


Thanks Geoff


Just to share my first owl (record photos): Northern Boobook


Thanks to Edward's list

Besides those listed above, the followings were what I saw:
大嘴烏鴉 Large-billed Crow 2
黄眉柳鶯 Yellow-browed Warbler
褐翅鴉鵑 Greater Coucal
八哥 Crested Myna (Many)
黄嘴白鹭 Chinese Egret 2



Other than those usual species, interesting species included:

褐翅燕鷗 Bridled Terns
黑枕燕鷗 Black-naped Terns ?

灰背椋鳥 White-shouldered Starling
灰紋鶲 Grey-streaked Flycatcher
烏鵑 Fork-tailed Drongo-Cuckoo

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other than the usual species, followings were saw:
黑枕燕鷗 Black-naped Tern

四聲杜鵑 Indian Cuckoo

紅尾伯勞 Brown Shrike

白眉鶇 Eyebrowed Thrush

灰紋鶲 Grey-streaked Flycatcher

白腹姬鶲 Blue-and-white Flycatcher

Others saw:
紅翅鳳頭鵑 Chestnut-winged Cuckoo
綬帶 Amur Paradise Flycatcher ??

褐翅燕鸥 Bridled Tern

黑枕燕鷗 Black-naped Tern
白翅浮鷗 White-winged Tern

四聲杜鵑 Indian Cuckoo
紅尾伯勞 Brown Shrike
極北柳鶯 Arctic Warbler
灰紋鶲 Grey-streaked Flycatcher
小鵐 Little Bunting

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